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Pomerantz & Crosby Co., L.P.A. has a track record of representing both injured workers and Employers in worker's compensation claims.

If you have been injured at work, Ohio law provides benefits under the Worker's Compensation system. The injured worker or "claimant" must prove that he/she was an employee, acting within the course and scope of that employment, and suffered injury or contracted an occupational disease arising out of that employment. The system is "no fault," and the claimant need not prove that the employer was careless or otherwise in the wrong. In fact, the injury can be caused by the employer, a co-employee, an outside entity, or no one at all. A claimant may even claim benefits if the injury was his/her own fault (with certain exceptions for situations like intoxication or horseplay).

Once a claim is recognized or "allowed," the system provides a wide-range of potential benefits, including:

  • Temporary Total Disability benefits (payment for time when the claimant is unable to work)
  • Payment of Medical Bills (including hospitals, surgery, physical therapy, physicians, medications and any necessary medical appliances)
  • Permanent Partial Disability Compensation and other forms of compensation (for residual disability or restrictions, such as loss of range of motion)
  • Rehabilitation Services (for qualifying claimants)
  • Wage Loss Compensation (if you cannot find work due to your injuries, or have returned to work but at reduced hours or rate of pay due to your injuries)
  • Permanent Total Disability Compensation (if your injuries or occupational disease renders you permanently unable to work)

Notably, once a claimant receives benefits, the claim remains open, often for many years, and unlike a personal injury claim, a worker's compensation claimant can pursue supplemental awards if the condition worsens over time. Although the system is no-fault, and allows a claim to remain open for additional awards, it does not permit awards purely for pain and suffering.

Ohio Workers Comp Representation for Employers

If you are an Employer, Pomerantz & Crosby Co., L.P.A. offers quality representation at competitive rates. We will not only represent your business on claims and in Hearings, but we will advise you of how to defend worker's compensation claims in the most cost-effective ways.

With over 30 years of experience, Pomerantz & Crosby understands the Ohio BWC system and can help you navigate the complex system. For a free consultation, call or email us today.