Cleveland Area White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer

White collar crime received its name because such crimes are typically committed by salaried professional people. White collar crimes involve theft or deception, not physical violence, and individuals who are convicted can be subject to fines, restitution or prison.

However, if a case is not handled carefully, an individual's reputation can be damaged permanently, even if he or she is not convicted. At Pomerantz & Crosby Co., L.P.A., we know what is at stake, and we understand the sensitive nature of the case. When individuals contact us, we work hard to ensure their cases stay out of the lights of the media. Our white collar crimes defense attorneys defend individuals in the Cleveland area and throughout Ohio in cases involving:

  • Check kiting
  • Embezzlement
  • Insurance fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Employee theft
  • Forgery

Fraud And Embezzlement Defense Lawyer Serving Beachwood

Unlike many other areas of criminal law, when an individual is arrested for white collar crimes, government officials typically already have a great deal of evidence against that person. Contacting an attorney early can help ensure you are able to build a strong defense.

If you think you are under investigation for a white collar crime or if you were contacted by a government official, it is critical to contact an aggressive defense attorney as soon as possible. Learn more about the representation we offer by scheduling your initial consultation. We can be reached online or by calling 216-587-1221.