Cleveland Drunk Driving Injury Attorney

Compensation for the Drunk Driving Accident Victim in Ohio

Drunk drivers pose a particular threat on the roadways. As such, Ohio law permits claims against the bar, restaurant or other establishment which served the alcohol to the driver, under certain circumstances, in what are known as dram shop claims. So too, an individual who allows another to drive his/her car while drunk (or under age, or known not to have a valid driver's license) may be held liable under a theory called negligent entrustment. Our office is experienced in handling both dram shop and negligent entrustment cases.

Innocently injured victims are entitled to compensation for medical bills incurred as a result of another's negligence, lost wages, physical pain, mental suffering, inability to perform normal activities, and loss of enjoyment of life.

NEVER SIGN ANY PAPERWORK provided by an insurance company until you have consulted with a lawyer. In most cases, it is wise not to even speak with an insurance company, even your own, until you speak with an attorney, because in today's world, most insurance companies routinely tape record all telephone conversations, and the statements you make, often while in pain or under duress, can be used against you later on.

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